Luxury Private Jet Charter New Zealand


Stellar Jets

The freedom & convenience of Private Jet Charter for you

The efficiency of Business Charter for you and your companies

The comfort & safety of Private Jet Charter for you and your family

You know who you are flying with...
you invited them

In your world so much is bespoke, so much is private, so much moves at your command

Having the freedom to navigate globally means private jet charter is an essential tool for you

You no longer need to fit into airline schedules, queue for customs, or share the cabins with other passengers

Stellar Jets
We design private jet charter for you

Freedom, Convenience, Comfort & Safety

We give you the flexibility of going when you want. Your travel is no longer a grind but rather a discrete, pleasant, and relaxing experience.

We want you to enjoy our bespoke service. With your safety and comfort our priority, we redesign how you travel.

We pay close attention to you and your personal requirements. Because no two clients are identical, we tailor  our services to fit with your lifestyle and your wishes.

The Indo-Pacific is where we live, work, and play.

Welcome to our corner of the globe.

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