Experience The Best of Both Worlds: Combine First Class Travel With Private Jet Service

When planning a journey to Australia or New Zealand from destinations in Europe, Asia, or the UAE, the age-old question for high-net-worth individuals and corporate executives is how to marry comfort, luxury, speed, and cost-effectiveness. 

Enter a seamless blend of first or business class with major airlines like Emirates, or with New Zealand flagship carrier Air New Zealand, and the bespoke luxury of private jet hopping to your final location with StellarJets.

1. Economies of Scale with First/Business Class Flights

Commercial airlines such as Air New Zealand and Emirates have large planes that accommodate hundreds of passengers. These planes, especially the Airbus A380s and Boeing 777s, are fuel-efficient on long-haul flights, reducing the cost-per-passenger for these trips. By leveraging the economies of scale, travellers can save a significant amount compared to flying the entire leg on a private jet.

  • Cost Savings: A direct private jet charter from Australia or New Zealand to Europe is undeniably expensive. For long-haul flights, jet fuel, crew accommodation, and extended flight time charges can rack up.
  • Infrastructure: Major carriers have well-established routes, regular schedules, and guaranteed landing slots at primary international airports.

2. The Air New Zealand / Emirates Experience

Both Air New Zealand and Emirates have established themselves as leaders in first and business class experiences. Here are some compelling reasons:

  • In-flight Luxury: From private suites to onboard showers and bar lounges, Emirates epitomizes the pinnacle of commercial in-flight luxury. Air New Zealand’s unique configuration allows flat-bed options for the ultimate relaxation and privacy, combined with their world-famous fine dining and beverage options
  • Lounge Amenities: Both Emirates' and Air New Zealand airport lounges are renowned for their luxury, gourmet dining, spa services, and relaxation zones.
  • Network & Frequency: With frequent flights connecting major cities, passengers have flexibility in choosing travel dates and destinations

3. Seamless Transition to StellarJets' Private Service

Here's where the journey transcends typical luxury:

  • Personalised Routes: While commercial airlines have fixed routes, StellarJets can customise the last leg of your journey. Whether it's the magical mountains of Queenstown, the pristine waters of the Bay of Islands, or remote European vineyard, you can be assured of reaching closer to your final destination.
  • Privacy and Customization: StellarJets ensures confidentiality, offering a cocooned environment tailored to your needs - be it a business meeting setup or a relaxed lounge ambience.
  • Time-saving: Skip the queues, layovers, and delays associated with commercial airlines. StellarJets offers a complementary meet-and-greet service for a rapid transition, meeting you right off your Air New Zealand or Emirates flight and whisking you away to your final destination, seamlessly.
  • Dedicated Customer Service: StellarJets focuses on a curated experience, ensuring each passenger's needs are met from the moment they land to the moment they reach their final destination.

Conclusion: Seamless Luxury Experience

For travellers to Australia and New Zealand, blending the cost-effectiveness of an Air New Zealand or Emirates’ first or business class flight for the major leg with the bespoke luxury and convenience of StellarJets for the final hop, creates a symphony of luxurious travel. 

It's about experiencing the best of both worlds – the financial prudence of commercial airlines' economies of scale and the unparalleled luxury and customisation of private jet travel.

With StellarJets as your chosen private jet partner, the journey becomes as mesmerising as the destination. Embark on a seamless, luxurious, and cost-effective voyage today.