Frequently Asked Questions

Booking and Reservations:

How do I book a private jet from Stellar Jets?

To book a private jet, contact our friendly team by email at info@stellarjets.co.nz or phone Iain on 021 843 722.

How far in advance do I need to book a private jet with Stellar Jets?

Ideally, book your private jet 4 weeks ahead in order to secure the plane, but we can do short notice flights if the plane is available.

How do I check the availability and pricing for private jet travel with Stellar Jets?

Ask our friendly team about the availability of a private jet at info@stellarjets.co.nz, or phone Iain on 021 843 722.

Are there any weight or luggage restrictions for private jet travel?

Generally the luggage restriction for private jet travel is 50-60kg per passenger. Find out more about weight and luggage restrictions for private jet travel in our article. Or, talk to us about your specific requirements.

What are the benefits of chartering a private jet from Stellar Jets?

Stellar Jets offers convenience, flexibility, efficiency, expert knowledge, 24 hour assistance. Find out more about the 5 primary benefits of chartering a private jet from Stellar Jets in our article.

How much notice is required for a private jet charter booking?

A minimum of 3 hours

Where Can I Hire a Private Jet From/To?

With Stellar Jets, you have the freedom to hire a private jet from and to a vast network of airports. Our services cover small, medium, and large airports certified for our private jet fleet.

This includes domestic airports in New Zealand and Australia, as well as airports in the Pacific Islands. Find out more.

Whether you're planning a local getaway or an international journey, we offer the flexibility to depart and arrive from locations that suit your travel needs.

Your private jet hire experience begins and ends exactly where you need it to.

Customisation and Services:

Can I customise my private jet experience with Stellar Jets?

Absolutely, you can customise your private jet experience. We offer a seamless door to door service.

Can I bring pets on my private jet?

Small dogs and cats are allowed on our planes is long as they are in a cage. We can advise you on all the regulations. Talk to us about your requirements.

Is it possible to arrange in-flight catering for my private jet trip?

Yes. All our private jet flights include complimentary delicious catering.

Membership and Loyalty Programs:

Are there any membership or loyalty programs available with private jet services from Stellar Jets?

Talk to us to discuss your requirements.

Safety and Security:

What safety measures does your company have in place for private jet travel?

Our private jets are all fully governmentally approved. Feel free to request our certifications if required.

Fees and Charges:

Are there any additional fees or charges that I should be aware of when booking a private jet with Stellar Jets?

All our private jet quotes are fully inclusive and clearly explained.

How do I make changes or cancel a private jet booking with Stellar Jets?

Changes to your private jet flights are easily done. Just talk to us as your plans evolve and if the plane is available we will make it happen for you.

What is the range of each private jet in the Stellar Jets fleet?

Here is the range of each private jet in the Stellar Jets fleet. Find out the specifics for each private jet in our fleet here:

Aircraft and Fleet Information:

How many passengers can a private jet accommodate?

Stellar Jets have multiple private jets that can accommodate up to 10 passengers. Find out the specifics for each private jet in our fleet here

What kind of amenities are available on private jet flights with Stellar Jets?

Stellar Jets offer fully catered flights with a Flight Attendant. There is a toilet on board, and a very large storage area to accommodate your luggage.

What distance or duration can private jets fly?

Stellar Jets private jets can fly non-stop between New Zealand, Australia & the South Pacific islands, or one stop for further distances. Find out the specifics for each private jet in our fleet here. Long distance flights require heavier jets which we can source.

Is it possible to request specific flight crew members for my charter?

Yes, Stellar Jets has multiple crew options

Can I charter a private jet for group travel or corporate events?

Yes, the Stellar Jets team is experienced in co-ordinating the movement of people to large events and functions. Phone us to find out how we can help you.

What level of freedom do I have to choose the departure and arrival airports for my private jet charter?

Entry and exit points are governed by each country’s border requirements. We can advise you on the best options for your trip.

Are there any restrictions on where I can fly with a private jet charter?

Stellar Jets can fly you to most destinations, dependent upon the runway length, and on the current political situation in that location.

Can I request multiple stops or layovers during my private jet charter?

Yes, you can choose your own itinerary with as many stops as you like. Stellar Jets is the only New Zealand operator who can fly domestically within Australia under ANZA privileges, giving you a seamless Trans-Tasman experience.

Can I bring additional passengers on board my private jet charter?

You can bring as many passengers as you like, up to the maximum capacity of the jets. Our fleet page specifies the passenger capacity of each private jet in our fleet. Please contact our team to discuss your requirements.

Is there a minimum or maximum flight time for private jet charters?

There is no minimum flying time but Stellar Jets charge a minimum of 1 hour flying time. The maximum non-stop flying time is dependent on the aircraft capacity and weather conditions.

Can I bring oversized or special equipment on board a private jet charter?

There are large baggage areas on Stellar Jets private jets. Find out more about weight and luggage restrictions for private jet travel in our article. Check with our friendly team for specific details.

Can I request specific seating arrangements or configurations on a private jet charter?

Stellar Jets private jets offer various seating options, from single seats to full lie down beds.

Do I need to go through airport security screening for a private jet charter?

All international passengers need to go through Customs, but when you fly with Stellar Jets the Customs officers will meet you at the Private Jet Terminal. You only need to arrive 15 minutes prior to departure making flying internationally a much more efficient experience.

Payment and Booking Options:

What are the payment options for private jet charters?

A deposit of 10% will secure the plane for you, and the balance is due 5 days prior to your flight.

Is there a minimum age requirement for passengers on private jet charters?

There are no age limits to flying on private jets.

Can I book a one-way private jet flight?

Yes one way trips are available, however there may be some repositioning costs involved.

How does private jet charter compare to first-class or business-class commercial flights?

The benefits of flying on a private jet are multiple. Efficiency - you only need to arrive 15 minutes prior to departure; Comfort - you know who you are sitting next to; Bespoke Catering - you can choose what and when you eat and drink; Flexibility - you can change your itinerary to suit your needs.

International Travel:

Can I fly internationally on a private jet?

Yes we can organise all your international travel arrangements and advise on the best routes to get you where you want to go. The South Pacific is our playground.

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