Aircraft Purchases & Sales

Stellar Jets
Your partner in purchasing or selling an aircraft

Stellar Jets can guide you safely through the options

You fly privately on a regular basis, enjoy travelling in comfort and are looking for complete freedom to go wherever you wish. Having your own private jet makes all this possible.

But what does ownership of a private aircraft cost, and would it be worthwhile in your case?

Tailor-made analysis and advice

The decision to purchase a private jet is contingent on many different factors such as your safety and that of your guests, your budget, the frequency with which you fly, your destinations and your personal preference for a particular type of aircraft.

We are happy to help you identify your needs and requirements and thoroughly analyse your options, while factoring in:
• the operating costs (fuel, insurance, crew, etc.)
• the business model if you should choose to rent out the aircraft to
    third parties
• the maintenance work required to keep your aircraft in tip-top shape

We will then provide tailor-made advice based on the analysis above. It may well be that we recommend you do not purchase a particular aircraft if, for instance, it is located at a considerable distance from the best aircraft maintenance companies, causing maintenance costs to rise substantially due to the additional flight time required in getting there.

These types of issues are never explicitly addressed and are usually not considered by a buyer who is dealing directly with an aircraft sales broker. Stellar does take these factors, and more, into account when giving advice.

From browsing to closing

We know the market and can tell you which type of aircraft can be purchased where and whether the aircraft is in good condition or not. We are familiar with the ‘hazards’ associated with different types of aircraft, such as susceptibility to corrosion and we usually know where this occurs. We can advise on whether a particular aircraft suits your specific needs. We can assist in negotiations and help you purchase the best aircraft at the best terms and conditions.

Organisation & infrastructure

Our service need not end once you have purchased an aircraft. If you so require, Stellar Air Group can:
• arrange a crew for you
• arrange registration in the selected jurisdiction
• arrange maintenance contracts for you
• arrange an airworthiness certificate for you


If you should decide to sell your aircraft, we will help you secure the best possible deal in the prevailing market conditions.

Our extensive client base, comprising many potential buyers, enables us to source attractive off-market opportunities if you wish to sell.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information about the management of your aircraft or the purchase or sale of your aircraft.